Sea of Galilee area Day Tour

Sea of Galilee area Day Tour

There are a number of sites for Christians to visit while on a pilgrimage. One of the more important ones of the lot would probably have to be the Sea of Galilee. People that are on a pilgrimage here are usually quite excited about what they end up witnessing. Once you learn about all that you see on this tour, you are probably going to be excited about checking it and perhaps even end up recommending the same to others that want to explore their spirituality and learn more about themselves. So if you are on your way to travel in this area we have some suggestions for this sea of galilee day tour.


It is alleged that when Jesus spent time while in the Galilee area, he had made Capernaum as his home. Hence, it goes without saying that people would want to see this place and experience it personally if they want to follow the footsteps of Jesus and be closer to him. Jesus stayed at the family residence of St. Peter. In the tour of this area, you will also get to see the Franciscan church, which is located right on the site of the house of St. Peter. Here, according to recollections, Jesus healed a paralytic and also Peter’s mother in law.

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is supposed to be the largest body of fresh water in Israel today.  Some of the reasons why you would want to visit this place would be if you are interested in checking out the natural scenic beauty that is aplenty in this place. In fact, the beautiful waterfront here is where Jesus had performed the miracles. Hence, it goes without saying that this place draws a lot of crowd which is why people like to visit here and want to learn more about the place. Most tours will feature spending some time here,

Luna Gal Park

If you don’t want to get too intense with your pilgrimage and want to enjoy some of the other things while around the Sea of the Galilee, you should head out to Luna Gal Park. Although not a very big park, ti is definitely worth checking out. This is a wet park with a decent number of water rides for all members of the family. Hence, if your kids are not happy and are complaining about the sightseeing, this is the place to go to in order to keep them happy. The admission tickets are priced very low, to encourage more people to come in and have a good time at the park. There are accommodation facilities available around the park itself.

Hamai Tiberius

The beach front city of Tiberius is also a muse see place while selecting the tour of the Galilee Sea. This is known for the spectacular view of the Golan Heights on one side and the Galilee Sea on the other side. In fact, this place is also famous for the new testament which says that Jesus was responsible for calming the stormy waters of the Sea of Galilee, the feeding of the Multitude and the famous walking on water story.



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