A Scottish Honeymoon experience the romance and mystery

A Scottish Honeymoon experience the romance and mystery

A Scottish honeymoon is your chance to experience the wild, unique, mysterious and romantic nature in this wonderful country! From its historic and cultured cities, to its stunning landscapes and enchanting islands, Scotland is a plainly unforgettable land.

Scotland’s three main cities are Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Although Glasgow is the capital, it is Edinburgh that attracts the most international and local visitors. With the annual International Festival, the incredible variety of architectural heritage and

Edinburgh Castle, the former home to the Scottish Royal Family, there is something unique to be discovered. I have been told, one of the greatest pleasures of Edinburgh, is simply strolling though the Georgian area of the city center, admiring the beautiful streets, squares and buildings.

Glasgow has enjoyed a exciting revival over the last two decades! It is a fun and lively capital city, with a great amount to see and do. Alongside the many museums, art galleries, monuments and shops is Glasgow cathedral, a masterpiece from the Gothic era in history.

The port city of Aberdeen is built almost exclusively of silvery granite, which glistens the in sun or rain. There is also a wonderful maritime museum alongside a prestigious art gallery.

St. Andrews is a beautiful town and home to the most famous golf course in the world! Plus there are some fascinating medieval ruins.

The Cairngorm Mountains are spectacular, surrounded by rivers, lochs, forests and home to rare wildlife. This beautiful region is popular for skiing, hiking and water sports. For more breath taking natural beauty, the wild and lonely Hebrides islands, off the west coast, are centers of Scottish whisky production. They offer wonderful views as you explore their coastal walks – windswept cliffs, mountains and bays will take your breath away.

Whisky, bagpipes, tartan and kilts are all inextricably linked with Scotland. Other vital ingredients are the ancient castles, churches, and architecture of every style imaginable. All of this and much more is waiting for you on your Scottish honeymoon.


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