United States Tour

United States Tour

The United States is such a large country with different kinds of terrain and cultural experiences; it’s difficult to know where to begin when planning an America tour. Unless you have endless time for a vacation, it’s necessary to select an area to focus on. People with time on their side could travel from coast to coast. America can mean so many different things. It can be the skyscrapers of New York, Disneyland, a seafood restaurant in San Francisco, the Grand Canyon or a jazz club in New Orleans.

There are many ways to see the country. Road trips are popular and have been romantized in movies and novels. Motel accommodation is inexpensive and eating at roadside diners is cheap too. Some people say that this is the way to see the real America. Another mode of transport is to take the Greyhound bus, sleeping through the night and sightseeing through the day. There are lots of companies that offer fly drive packages and a schedule can be fitted to suit your itinerary.

Motorhomes or RVs are another option. Some of these vehicles are like a house on wheels with all the comforts of home matched with the freedom of the open road on an America tour. A typical 34 foot RV will sleep four adults and two children. No lengthy instruction or extra driving license is required when renting one. There is normally a quick talk with the company representative about the vehicle’s features and maintenance with perhaps, an instructional video, available in several languages. An operator’s manual will also come with the vehicle.

One way rentals can be organized if preferred. Amenities include a shower, fridge, stove and microwave. Many camping grounds accommodate large RVs but it’s advisable to check that there is space wherever you are heading. Some vacation packages include motorhome rental with flights. Some people prefer their vacation to be more structured, especially if they have time limitations. Escorted coach tours are a relaxing way to see the sights and to learn about them whilst letting someone else do the driving.

America has more to offer than the well known sightseeing opportunities. For people who want to be active or to try new sports, there are adventure tours. An America tour could include white water rafting, mountain biking or sea kayaking. Plenty of companies specialize in hiking, backpacking or horseback riding trips. America has an abundance of national parks and these give opportunities for terrific scenery and wildlife, from whale watching to camping near grizzly bears. Whatever the type of vacation, an America tour will never be forgotten.


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