Blue Mountains – Australia

Australia – a wonderful island with much to see and do! Full of mysticism, romance, exotic locations – there is bound to be somewhere unique for your honeymoon. For somewhere different – the Blue Mountains in NSW are a special treat.

Discover a tempting combination of romantic accommodation, fine restaurants and indulgent shopping within two hours of Sydney, in the Blue Mountains World Heritage listing. To travel there is easy with access by rail, road or air. There are abundant places to stay in from the cozy Bed and breakfast to the full resorts. The air is crisp and clear, with the views of the mountains always surrounding you.

Breathe the fresh mountain air and relax, as you marvel at a majestic landscape of waterfalls and awe-inspiring sandstone escarpments. Indulge at restaurants known for their creative use of fresh, local produce. The Blue Mountains offers experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Escape to a wonderland of warm balmy days with cool summer nights. Picnic beside beautiful waterfalls, stroll through lush fern gullies and discover the romance of a Blue Mountains summer.

Summer in the Blue Mountains equals outdoor activities in abundance by offering unlimited opportunities to keep cool and have fun. The National Parks and Wildlife service offers a highly successful series of guided walks to suit anyone from the most casual stroller to the dedicated hiker.

The Australian bush doesn’t show seasonal changes in the same dramatic ways as the softer vegetation of Europe and in the wonderful temperate gardens that grow in the mild climate of the Mountains, the variation in color is spectacular.

In autumn the gardens are at their glorious best. You will see the flaming reds, russet browns and gold’s in close contrast with the rich colors of the native trees and flowers. Have a wonderful visit and remember the magical moments of your honeymoon.


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